A web server is a computer that is constantly online and can make its stored content available on request. When a request is made for such a resource, it sends it to the browser.


A web browser, also called an internet browser or simply a browser, is a software application used to access the World Wide Web. With a web browser, you can surf any website and easily go to other websites via links.

Deployment via installation vs. deployment as a web application

Deployment is the distribution or provision of software. Deployment is carried out via automated processes by means of which the installation and configuration of the software solutions takes place. A distinction is made between deployment via installation and deployment as a web application.

Deployment via installation

(-) Due to updates, several versions of the software need to be kept up to date, for each new version there are more users using different versions.

(-) Different operating systems need different installations (Windows, MacOS Android, etc.)

(-) Not all PCs support the installation due to configuration and settings.

(-) Reduces the memory of the local device.

Deployment as a web application

(-) You need good servers on the one hand and good internet infrastructure on the other.

(-) There may be differences in different browsers to which the software must be adapted.

(-) expensive

(-) Always have to be up to date

(+) Only one version needs to be managed

Software architecture of web applications


The web client document communicates with the website in the web server by making requests to which the web server responds. In addition, the client receives input from the Java application. The document in the web browser creates the display in the web client and also starts the Java web application.


Tasks are distributed to different computers by means of servers and can be requested by several clients to solve their own tasks or parts of them, if required.

Via communication between web server and web client and responds to requests from the web client. To make the information transfer possible, it is also in exchange with other applications, e.g. the listed Java Servlets, CGI applications and PHP applications. Thus, the tasks to the web server are divided into different work packages. The display in the web client is created from the document in the web client.